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There are essentially three types of trends in which a stock or market can be at a single point in time , it can be in an uptrend , a downtrend or a sideways trend , below we will take a look what each of these means and how to identify them-1.Uptrend (The stock is rising) How to identify a trend and the strength of it with trendlines Here's how to interpret the trend: If the trendline is pointing higher, it's an uptrend If the trendline is pointing lower, it's a downtren 1.3 The identification of significant and sustained upward trends in the concentrations of substances which occur both naturally and as a result of human activities shall consider data gathered before the star Trading with the Trend - 6 Ways To Identify The Direction Of The Trend 1. Trading with the trend: The Line Graph Most traders only use bars and candles when it comes to observing charts, but... 2. Trading with the trend: Highs and lows This is my personal favorite way of analyzing charts and.

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Simply put, short-, intermediate- and long-term trends are the three kinds of trends that we see each day in our study of technical analysis. A trend is your friend, is just one of the sayings.. Identification of isolates is an essential part of understanding the microbial ecology of a manufacturing facility, monitoring the effectiveness of microbial control in aseptic environments and investigating excursions from normal microbial populations or sterility failures. This is widely recognised by regulatory authorities and USP chapter.

To project the trend into the future, type the number of periods in the Forward box. To extrapolate a trend into the past, type the desired number in the Backward box. To show the trendline equation, check the Display Equation on chart box. For better accuracy, you can show more digits in the trendline equation In the example presented below, the identify_all_trends function will be used to detect every bearish/bullish trend with a time window above 5 days, which, for example, implies that every bearish (decreasing) trend with a longer length than 5 days will be identified as a down trend and so on added to a pandas.DataFrame which already contains OHLC values, in new columns called Up Trend and Down Trend which will be labeled as specified, with letters from A to Z by default

www.trend-networks.co Identifying Up Trends. A stock is in an up trend when the price is making a series of higher highs and higher lows. For instance, if a stock moves up $1.00, then down $0.50, then up $1.00 and then down $0.50 again, it creates a series of higher highs and higher lows Identifying a Trend. You can plot time series data to see if a trend is obvious or not. The difficulty is that in practice, identifying a trend in a time series can be a subjective process. As such, extracting or removing it from the time series can be just as subjective

Temporal trends are automatically discovered using periodogram and autocorrelation calculations based on a Lomb-Scargle transformation algorithm (Mias et al., 2016), which properly accounts for missing points and/or unevenly sampled data. The periodogram is used to identify each time series' underlying dominant frequencies. Autocorrelations are also used to identify how measured intensities within each time series may depend on previous measurements, by correlating a time series. patterns/trends within your research area. The toolbox should be used in three steps. Step 1 is the data collection step, which will enable you to collect large amounts of data from the relevant databases. The second step is the analysis step, which will enable you to objectively analyze the data using easy-to-use bibliometric analysis tools. Finally, the communication ste Business is always changing, based on varying trends for each industry. To best prepare your business, use marketing and analytics tools such as Google AdWords and Moz. In addition, review blogs, publications, and industry reports to familiarize with new trends. You can also analyze your competition and network with other business professionals to see what trends are working. With some attention and diligence, you can easily keep up with industry trends TREND IDENTIFICATION The first step in our traders' analysis process, when looking at the charts of a financial market, is to establish a trading bias, this simply means should we be looking to Buy or to SELL. To do this we need to understand the environment of the market and identify the direction of the dominant trend or direction of price

Identify the trend in the TTF, i.e. is it Up, Down or Sideways? If the trend is up - mark the trend violation pivot i.e. the recent highest low! If the trend is down - mark the trend violation pivot i.e. the recent lowest high! If the trend is sideways - mark the range support and range resistance after the fourth pivot has formed This is a video to help you as a beginner identify the trend direction.this channel has been created to get you from a beginner trader to a profitable trader.. Every dataset is unique, and the identification of trends and patterns in the underlying the data is important. If a business wishes to produce clear, accurate results, it must choose the algorithm and technique that is the most appropriate for a particular type of data and analysis. For example, the decision to the ARIMA or Holt-Winter time series forecasting method for a particular dataset will depend on the trends and patterns within that dataset Trend Spotting Websites Trend Hunter. Trend Hunter is a popular online community featuring a daily dose of pop culture, innovative ideas and viral news. Their most popular concepts are featured on Trend Hunder TV. You can search for hot trends ranging from tech to fashion to Ads, design, culture and anything in between 3. Use different tools and analytics systems to identify the direction trends are heading. Depending on your industry, your audience, your goals, and even the size of your company, different tools..

Trend trading attempts to capture gains through the analysis of an asset's momentum in a particular direction. While no single technical indicator will punch your ticket to market riches, certain. Trend Identification and Predictive Analytics. We research and develop novel interactive tools for predictive analytics for big data sources, including novel trend identification, visual correlative analytics, and predictive temporal analytic tools for crime data, health data, emergency response data, and financial data Fashion Trends. Long-term consumer trends, new and breaking trends, global street style images and live reporting from trade show floors. Early concepts for colour, material and style; Commercial collections for key retail drops; Buyer's guides backed-up and validated by data; Royalty-free prints, graphics and CAD design

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Identifying and monitoring business and technological trends are crucial for innovation and competitiveness of businesses. Exponential growth of data across the world is invaluable for identifying emerging and evolving trends. On the other hand, the vast amount of data leads to information overload and can no longer be adequately processed without the use of automated methods of extraction, processing, and generation of knowledge. There is a growing need for information systems. 3.Sideways (In a Range) -. Sideways market trend refers to the non occurrence of a definite up or down trend in the stock market, here most of the time the stock will just loiter between a price range and will not do anything else.Below is an example of a sideways market trend -. See how the IDBI bank on NSE (Nifty) was just moving between. Trend Identification Simulation and Application Zekâi Şen. Full text; Download; Tools. Download Citation; Add to Favorites; Track Citations; Permissions; Share. Abstract. Trend analysis occupy a significant role in the climate change studies for almost three decades. It is significant to try and identify monotonic trends in a given time series so as to make future predictions about the. I would suggest forgetting the idea of some 'look back' time like 3 or 5 days, it really has little meaning as trends can develop quickly or very slowly. Also bear in mind that on different time scales you will often see trends in opposing directions as you have in your example. Looking at your zoomed out chart you can see that the price had been in the upswing phase of a clear down trend

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  1. Ths Trend Indicator will give 5 output values: 2: Strong Up Trend 1: Up Trend 0: No Trend-1: Down Trend-2: Strong Down Trend. The external variables that you can see in this indicator are: ROC_MA_Period & ROC_Period : I like to use 200 for both as I like to look at the long term trend. MA_Short_Period & MA_Long_Period : For you to insert he period of your preferred short and long term period.
  2. Trend and Forecasting. The Trend and Forecasting function calculates a regression line or line of best fit. When applied to a time series, it can forecast future values. This function can be used with a measure and date/time values, or with two measures where each is typically plotted along a separate chart axis
  3. Future trends will likely fall into one of five categories, commonly referred to by futurists as STEEP. Most trends fall into the broad categories of Society, Technology, Economics, Ecology, and Politics. While these may seem unconnected to your strategy, most major opportunities and threats come from the periphery, about which executives spend.
  4. Some of functions that these technical indicators can serve include trend identification, entry signal, trade management, exit signal, and more. We will take a look at three common trend following indicators that can be used in various capacities within a trend following model. We'll start off by taking a look at a trend identification indicator. The one that were going to look at is the.
  5. The Explosion In Queer Sexuality Among Kids Is Not A Natural Trend. By Chad Felix Greene. March 1, 2021. A new Gallup poll published on Feb. 24 shows 1 in 6 Gen Z adults identify as LGBT. These.
  6. g exercise to identify and track the evolution of trends that may affect ICANN; and evaluate the impacts that these trends pose to ICANN, either in terms of threats or in terms of opportunities. Subgroups share their ideas with the larger group, and.

Somit bietet Trends Wohnwelten für jeden Geschmack. Besuche uns in einer unserer großen Filialen in Witten, Bottrop, Haan, Recklinghausen und Leverkusen für modernes Wohnen. * Alle Preise inkl. gesetzl. Mehrwertsteuer zzgl. Versandkosten und ggf. Nachnahmegebühren, wenn nicht anders beschrieben Bestellungen Cookie settings FAQ Kinderplanet Lieferservice Preisgarantie Retourenservice. If you take the more conservative route and buy after the trend is confirmed, you will want to use the exit strategy to manage the trade, which we will cover in the next section. When to exit an Impulsive Stock. Now that you know the stock is impulsive, the next thing you need to figure out is when to exit the trade. Stocks that are trending hard have a shelf-life. Depending on the timeframe. Market trend analytics is the process of determining whether a market is growing, stagnant or in decline and how fast that movement is occurring. If you know, for example, that your market is. Design trends. 1. Austere romanticism. According to Adobe, this design is in part a response to the pandemic, much like the breath of fresh air visual trend. The designs under this trend have a.

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  1. Trend Identification Calculator. Note: Input past 5 days closing price and select the intraday trend option. Similarly input past 5 weeks closing price and select the weekly trend option for weekly trend and input past 5 months closing price and select the monthly trend option for monthly trend
  2. Trend: The underlying trend of the metrics. A website increasing in popularity should show a general trend that goes up. Random: Also call noise, irregular or remainder, this is the residuals of the original time series after the seasonal and trend series are removed. Additive or Multiplicative Decomposition? To achieve successful decomposition, it is important to choose.
  3. The trend is your friend. :) Comparison of the previous 3 day's data. This is used for directional confirmation of trend. Not a BUY/SELL NOW 100x NO SL type of indicator. Dark Blue = Long opportunity Orange = Short opportunity Hit me up on Discord, always looking for experienced traders to chat with MaliciousUpload#1637 The source code of this study is protected
  4. The Linear Regression Indicator is used for trend identification and trend following in a similar fashion to moving averages, but reacts faster than an MA to trend changes. Moving Average. The Moving Average smooths price data to create a powerful measure of trend direction. Simple, weighted and exponential moving averages are most popular. Multiple Moving Averages. Daryl Guppy introduced.
  5. As trends never speak for themselves, the identification and description of patterns is partly empirical and partly creative activity. The most challenging part of qualitative trends analysis is identification of a tendency early, as recognition of a mature trend is relatively useless in influencing anyone's behaviour
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  1. Identification, Trend Analysis and Influencing Factors of Mental Health Status of the Chinese Older Adults Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2020 Nov 8;17(21):8251. doi: 10.3390/ijerph17218251. Authors Hongyan Yang 1 , Jun Ma 1 , Hongwei Hu 2 , Fanjie Li 3 Affiliations 1 Center for Social Security.
  2. I heard about BITTREX:LBCBTC back in early January and bought in right around the peak in January. I was riding the upward channel for a couple of days but failed to stick to my guns and decided to hold. Since then, I've seen a 50% retrace and am seeing a slowing of the downward trend. See my other analysis in the related link below on BINANCE:RLCBTC where we see similar signs and a near.
  3. Trends.Earth allows users to plot time series of key indicators of land change (including degradation and improvement), to produce maps and other graphics that can support monitoring and reporting, and to track the impact of sustainable land management or other projects. Trends.Earth was produced by a partnership of Conservation International, Lund University, and the National Aeronautics and.
  4. Article Summary: Trend traders enjoy the luxury of first identifying market direction prior to executing a trading strategy. Today we will review the basics of trend identification. Traders enjoy.

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One of the trends we predicted for 2020 was the increasing prominence of the new way to work - a shift away from the traditional work model toward one that's more flexible and worker-centric, underscored by the increasing acceptance of working from home and the boom of the gig economy. Little did anyone know - or could have predicted - how true that statement would be, in all the most. Some trends continue, others do not; and as a trader we'll never be able to predict which will happen until after the fact. All that we know is that up to that point in time, a trend had. Biometric data used to identify users (facial recognition and retinal scans, in particular) is currently considered one of the vital biometric trends in global Internet banking. Until recently, the most common type of biometric identification was fingerprint. Although human fingerprints are unique, this technology has its drawbacks

Trend analysis is the process of comparing business data over time to identify any consistent results or trends. You can then develop a strategy to respond to these trends in line with your business goals. Trend analysis helps you understand how your business has performed and predict where current business operations and practices will take you Trend Identification in Twentieth-Century U.S. Snowfall: The Challenges. Kenneth E. Kunkel 1 , Michael A. Palecki 1 , Kenneth G. Hubbard 2 , David A. Robinson 3 , Kelly T. Redmond 4 , and David R. Easterling 5 View More View Less. 1 Illinois State Water Survey, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, Champaign, Illinois 2 University of Nebraska at Lincoln, Lincoln, Nebraska 3 Rutgers, The. This library can calculate and plot trend lines for any time series, not only for its primary intended purpose of financial analysis. Changelog » ==> Check out this article on Programmatic Identification of Support/Resistance Trend lines with Python or alternatively here for details on how the library and its features are implemented and work

Your Trend Identification stock images are ready. Download all free or royalty-free photos and vectors. Use them in commercial designs under lifetime, perpetual. There are a few popular trends from the past few years that will continue to be significant in the upcoming years. 1. Mobile First Design. We mentioned that responsive/mobile-friendly web design isn't optional anymore. Your site should be designed with mobile in mind first. Mobile searches overtook desktop searches way back in 2015. Since the beginning of 2017, mobile traffic has accounted. Traduzioni in contesto per identification with trends in inglese-italiano da Reverso Context: By means of the identification with trends in the motor technology, the permanent development of the products and the use of current findings with respect to material and production technologies high-performance engine systems are manufactured and delivered to our partners all over the world trend identification functionality. To emphasize the detailed modules of the new component, this research sees the text mining function as a black box. The main contributions of this study include (1) A comprehensive-analysis technology intelligence framework is proposed to process and analyse patent time series and text data synthetically; (2) A time series processing component with piecewise. This Trend Micro paper introduces the Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) used in the maritime industry, and provides a general overview of the technology as well as its identified vulnerabilities and threats. dismiss. 0 Alerts. undefined. No new notifications at this time. Download . Scan Engines All Pattern Files All Downloads Subscribe to Download Center RSS Buy. Home Office Online Store.

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The identification of the sub-trends and assessment of their significance altogether make it possible to ascertain the likelihood of any intervention on the hydro-meteorological variable by, say, the short-durational climate fluctuations. Such influences can exist in various forms; for instance they may bring about inconsistencies in rainfall data including, among others, observational errors. Page 1. Topic Trend Identification in Blogs Il-Chul Moon, Young-Min Kim, Hyun-Jong Lee, Alice H. Oh Department of Computer Science KAIST Presenter : Hyun-Jong Lee Page 2. Problem Statement • People read/write hundreds of thousands of blog post

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  1. A book about the IMPA conference New Trends in Parameter Identification for Mathematical Models, Rio de Janeiro, Oct 30 - Nov 3, 201
  2. imize losses, when you can see the trend is down then take only short entries and try not to go with longs, when in up trend follow the opposite, this helps a trader to make strong signal trades and make good profit in short tim
  3. What Tree is That? Pocket Field Guides. One of the best, pocket-sized tree identification manuals. Steve Nix, About.com. Step-by-step approach. Full Color Botanical Illustrations. Identify common trees in your region or North America. Great for everyone from young students to professional arborists. $5 to $14.95
  4. Sliding window trend analyses of the annual mean MERRA-2 AOD (1980 to 2018) over Iran and five divided areas: to calculate trends, at least 10 years were considered, the x-axis is the start year, and the y-axis represents the length of the time series (the colors of the squares indicate the intensity of the trends, and the black stars show linear trends with a 95% confidence level). (For.

Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit identification of long term trends - Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen Analyze paid search campaign results in the supplied spreadsheet and summarize insights, optimization recommendations, and trend identification. Classify data analytics and reporting methods for tracking digital marketing engagement. Scenario Information. Your small marketing consulting firm was recently hired by Costa's Customs. Costa's.

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Identifying Sideways Trends. A stock is in a sideways trend when the price is making neither a series of higher or lower highs nor a series of higher or lower lows. For instance, if a stock moves down $1.00, then up $1.00, then down $1.00 and then up $1.00 again, it creates no distinguishable pattern of highs and lows. Image courtesy miss-britt Stage 4 - Trend identification. Application to explore relevant keywords by source. These terms are trending now or were trending in the past. Common terms: compare keywords trending in all sources Wikipedia: browse normalized page views for multiple language versions. Trend analysis shows how interest in our themes have changed over the last few years. This European Commission funded work has. Just wanted to get some thoughts from other members on how best to identify the trend, in whichever timeframe that might apply. I find ADX to be problematic, too much of a lag if anything, but recently have been using MACD to signal change in trend and direction. Any other suggestions Linear trend estimation is a statistical technique to aid interpretation of data. When a series of measurements of a process are treated as, for example, a time series, trend estimation can be used to make and justify statements about tendencies in the data, by relating the measurements to the times at which they occurred.This model can then be used to describe the behaviour of the observed. Here is a look at a chart showing a range, a downtrend and an uptrend

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  1. Face recognition markets. A study published in June 2019 estimates that by 2024, the global facial recognition market would generate $7billion of revenue, supported by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16% over the period 2019-2024. For 2019, the market was estimated at $3.2 billion
  2. With TREND Networks you can Depend On Us for levels of performance, accuracy and support even in the most difficult circumstances. Latest articles. 7 May 2021. News, Press coverage. TREND Networks acquires fiber test equipment manufacturer Terahertz Technologies Inc. 31 March 2021. News. We're now TREND Networks
  3. Mit neuen Möbeln und Accessoires von Trends frischen Wind in Ihre vier Wände bringen und sich eine ganz private Wohlfühloase schaffen. Modische Möbel in unterschiedlichen Farben und Materialien, also passend für jeden Wohnstil, findest du in den Trends Filialen in Witten, Recklinghausen, Bottrop oder Haan. In den unterschiedlichen Abteilungen, wie Wohn- oder Schlafzimmer, sind viele.
  4. Trend Marking Systems Australia specialise in simple and low-cost product marking and labelling equipment. Whether you need direct printing or if you need equipment to print or label packaging, we have an industrial alternative for you. We can cover many applications, from printing use-by dates or batch codes on packaging to etching high quality logos onto a metal product for that professional.
  5. Vein recognition is extremely accurate (more so than retina/iris) and one of the most cutting-edge biometric identification systems today. Biometric Authentication Trends for 2021. While many companies have started incorporating biometrics into their security measures, the full scope of implementation is constantly growing and morphing (as are the security risks involved with doing so). Here.

Home Trend identification. The Anatomy of a Trend: 10 Guidelines. Posted By: Steve Burns on: April 16, 2012. My trading consists of trading existing trends wherever they are. There is nothing I like better than to find a stock or ETF breaking out to all time highs or breaking down to all tim... Read more . Share 0. Tweet. A Market Wizard on Short Term Moving Averages. Posted By: Steve Burns on. How to identify trend reversal — a break of Support/ Resistance area. As a trend matures, it will move into a distribution stage where both buyers and sellers are in equilibrium (thus looking like a range market). At this point, it's clear the area of Support is an important level as it's the last line of defense for the buyers. If it breaks, it's pretty much game over for the bulls.

Identification of latest trends and current developments in methods to profile jobseekers in European Public Employment Services: Final report ii It is evident from the literature that there are some issues that need to be taken into consideration when looking at profiling methodologies. First, assessing the efficacy of profiling methodologies in different countries needs to take into account. Trend Identification Algorithm. In the old days, as described in Investtech's book on technical stock analysis, visual technical analysis was conducted manually: Study price movements in order to identify a trend. The price rarely moves in a straight line, but rather as a series of tops and bottoms. If you can draw a straight line between two or more rising bottoms, this is the support line. Identification of Out-of-Trend Results. Avoiding potential issues with marketed product, as well as avoid potential regulatory issues apply of OOT control in the analysis is a best practice in the industry. In summary, the issue of OOT is an important topic both from a regulatory and business point of view. Despite this, little has been discussed in the scientific literature or in regulatory.

trendsceek identifies genes with significant spatial trends in single-cell spatial expression data, as well as in low-dimensional projections of dissociated single-cell RNA-seq data. As methods. Objectives: To examine recent trends in pulmonary nodule identification. Methods: We used electronic health records and natural language processing to identify members of an integrated health system who had nodules measuring 4 to 30 mm. We calculated rates of chest CT imaging, nodule identification, and receipt of a new lung cancer diagnosis within 2 years of nodule identification, and. Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature. Search across a wide variety of disciplines and sources: articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions Photo about Blue key for trend identification. Image of computer, partner, management - 8336903 High quality example sentences with identification of trends in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in Englis

OSTI.GOV Journal Article: An Innovative Fuzzy-Logic-Based Methodology for Trend Identification Title: An Innovative Fuzzy-Logic-Based Methodology for Trend Identification Full Recor Problem and Negative Trend Identification. Should the Contractor encounter any problem or identify any trend in relation to any of the Services or the Vehicles or any component thereof, which could ca.. Gallup trend in self-identification as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. In 2020, 5.6% of U.S. adults identified as LGBT. That is up from 4.5% in 2017, the last year it was asked, and 4.1% in 2016. Between 2012 and 2015, 3.5% to 3.9% of U.S. adults identified as LGBT. Currently, 86.7% of Americans say they are heterosexual or straight, and. How to Analyse Derivatives Data for Identification of Stock Trend . By Vivek Bajaj. 1,180 *inclusive of taxes. Purchase Recording. 21-Jul-2018 at 04:00 PM (IST) Language: English. Duration: 3 Hours. Difficulty: Intermediate . Introduction Derivatives Trading has been one of the principal occupations of many market aspirants since derivatives were introduced in India in 2001. The derivatives. A visual mapping approach for trend identification in multi-attribute data. Jesse Bockstedt, Gediminas Adomavicius. Information and Decision Sciences; Research output: Contribution to conference › Paper › peer-review. Overview; Fingerprint; Abstract. Organizations and firms are increasingly capturing more data about their customers, suppliers, competitors, and business environment. Most of.

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TREND IDENTIFICATION } ENTRY HUB The first step in our traders' analysis process, when looking at the charts of a financial market, is to establish a trading bias, this simply means should we be looking to Buy or to SELL. To do this we need to understand the environment of the market and identify the direction of the dominant trend or direction of price. In the world of technical analysis. Trends in Party Identification By rodburns1, September 12, 2013. Research suggests that party identification plays a significant role in our lives, as important as religion and ethnicity. Party identification usually starts around childhood with parental, familial, and community influences, which begins shaping how people think and relate to political matters. It is as much a social identity. All Files. Trend-cycle decomposition: implications from an exact structural identification We show how this may be consistent with a structural model where trend shocks enter the cycle, or cyclic shocks enter the trend and that identification restrictions are necessary to make this structural distinction We have developed a new method for identification of signal peptides and their cleavage sites based on neural networks trained on separate sets of prokaryotic and eukaryotic sequences. The method performs significantly better than previous prediction schemes, and can easily be applied on genome Nonlinear Neural Networks: Principles, Mechanisms, and Architectures by Stephen Grossberg , 1988.

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Invitation to Join Strategic Outlook Trends Identification Session. 23 March 2020. LOS ANGELES - 23 March 2020 - The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) invites the community to participate in an open strategic outlook trends session to help ICANN continue to be aware of trends that affect its mission and mandate The Proceedings volume contains 16 contributions to the IMPA conference New Trends in Parameter Identification for Mathematical Models, Rio de Janeiro, Oct 30 - Nov 3, 2017, integrating the Chemnitz Symposium on Inverse Problems on Tour The identification and quantification of the proteins that a whole organism expresses under certain conditions is a main focus of high-throughput proteomics. Advanced proteomics approaches generate new biologically relevant data and potent hypotheses. A practical report of what proteome studies can and cannot accomplish in common laboratory settings is presented here

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Tag Archives: trend identification Innovation Month: Playing The Waiting Game. Posted on October 19, 2016 by Brian and the Juice. Reply. This Innovation Month post is a special report from The Market Research Event, where BrainJuicer is presenting and where this blog's editor, Tom Ewing, is acting as an event blogger. This post is a write-up of an innovation case study Tom saw. Even though. Press release - Orion Market Reports - Positive Material Identification Market Share 2021: Global Trends, Key Players, Industry Analysis Report to 2027 - published on openPR.co Industry Insights. The global radio frequency identification technology market size was valued at USD 10.53 billion in 2015. The RFID technology is expected to witness a steady growth in the coming years, which is attributed to the increasing demand for locating, tracking, and monitoring objects and beings for security, safety, and resource optimization

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