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Pricing for all data sources. 5 total uploads* $39 / month. 20 total uploads* $79 / month. 200 total uploads* $299 / month. *Supermetrics Uploader runs the scheduled uploads once a day. The amount of uploads needed usually correlates with the amount of ad accounts you wish to upload data from. AdRoll Request a quote for Supermetrics for BigQuery or buy individual licenses starting at $190/month. Contact our sales team for more details

Our pricing model will change from Tiered bundles to a modular setup. Supermetrics for Google Sheets, Data Studio and Microsoft Excel will be priced the same. Extra features (e.g. trigger refresh intervals) will be priced per license and apply to all users within that license. Pricing details: Supermetrics for Google Sheet Supermetrics for Google Sheets is the easiest way to pull marketing data directly into your Google Sheet. Starting from €39/month

Supermetrics pricing starts at $99.00 per user, per month. There is a free version. Supermetrics offers a free trial. See additional pricing details below Supermetrics pricing Supermetrics has many plans and products, the cheapest license is USD $39 / month (annual payment). You must know each product has different pricing according to the buyer needs. I'm going to tell you what are the most popular Supermetrics product's prices to automate business reports and dashboards The Supermetrics has 5 plans - Supermetrics for Google Sheets USD 49 (Per Month), Supermetrics for Data Studio USD 19 (Per Month), Supermetrics Data Grabber USD 19 (Per Month), Supermetrics Functions USD 11.99 (Per Month), Supermetrics Uploader USD 39 (Per Month) Free trial: N

Supermetrics for Google Drive Pro comes with a price tag of $49 per month Supermetrics for Google Drive Super Pro priced $99 per month $29 per month is the price to access Supermetrics Data Grabber Modules Uploader modules of it start from $29 per mont The base pricing of Supermetrics is $39 per month. But as a beginner, you can try the free version or you can take the free trial of paid plans to get an overview of Supermetrics Supermetrics Data Grabber - Starts from $19/mo. Report, analyze, and monitor in Excel. Supermetrics Functions - $11.99/mo. A flexible way to get your marketing metrics into Google Sheets and Excel. Supermetrics Uploader - $39/mo. Scheduled and automatic upload of advertising cost data into Google Analytics

Supermetrics is the leading marketing data engine for effortless cross-channel data. crunching and reporting. With Supermetrics, marketers can independently get all of their. marketing data from different platforms to their favourite tools like Google Sheets, Google Data Studio and various BI tools. Supermetrics is a no-code solution The pricing for Supermetrics for Google Sheets starts at $47/data source/month. Click here to see the pricing for Supermetrics. It does have a free version, but that only allows you to connect Sheets to Google Analytics, which means it's not worth it at all. Google has already made it possible to connect Google Sheets to Google Analytics via. The pricing of Supermetrics uploader starts ranges from $39 to $179. You can get supermetrics with 20% discount from here. 5

Request a quote for Supermetrics API: the easiest way to extract marketing and sales data. We'll get back to you within one business day The lowest Supermetrics cost you have to pay varies by product. The initial prices are $49.92 a month for the Data Studio Individual edition. You'll have to pay $126.72 a month for Google Sheets Pro. It's $126.72 a month for Excel Pro and $39 a month for Supermetrics Uploader Compare it to SuperMetrics. Used by 18000+ businesses already - Octoboard price for automated PPC, SEO marketing agency client reporting. Prices from €8 per client What is better Supermetrics or Lokad? It's a good idea to use our scoring system to help you get a general idea which Business Intelligence Software product is more suitable for your company. For overall product quality, Supermetrics received 8.4 points, while Lokad earned 7.6 points. At the same time, for user satisfaction, Supermetrics scored N/A%, while Lokad scored 100%

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  1. Supermetrics pricing starts at $ 49.00 per month. There is no free version of Supermetrics. Supermetrics does not offer a free trial. Overview. Starting Price $/year Platform. Installed - Mac. Cloud, SaaS, Web. Installed - Windows. Mobile - iOS Native. Mobile - Android Native. Training. In Person. Live Online. Webinars. Documentation . Starting Price. 24/7 (Live Rep) Business Hours. Online. 0.
  2. Supermetrics Pricing. Supermetrics offers different pricing plans for connected platforms. Pricing is tiered and based on the number of users, data sources, and refreshes. Users must contact the Supermetrics Sales team to get pricing information for certain platforms where pricing is not listed. Panoply Pricing
  3. The pricing comes like a couple of packages. And the price charges get varied with the number of active counts. The Professional account starts at $9p0p0 monthly and Enterprise begins from $12p0p0 monthly
  4. Supermetrics Review & Pricing. For every product of Supermetrics, there are multiple types of licenses. The Google Sheet version of it has a free license, and three paid ones. Its Pro Version is available for only USD 99 per month for a single user without the offered review in 2020. It supports each and every basic data source. The Super Pro license comes with more data sources and a better.
  5. Hello; we want to use Criteo data via Supermetrics, so filled up a form as the site mentioned that we should contact with sales department but we still don't have a reply

Supermetrics Pricing. Die Preise für Supermetrics basieren auf fünf Abonnementoptionen: für Data Studio (0 bis 382,72 US-Dollar pro Monat), für Google Sheets (0 bis 190,72 US-Dollar und höher pro Monat), für Excel (126,72 bis 254,72 US-Dollar und höher pro Monat), für BigQuery (190 bis 190 US-Dollar 490 US-Dollar pro Monat) und Supermetrics-API (Sonderpreis). Die Hauptunterschiede. Supermetrics for Data Studio Pros: Connecting data sources to Google Data Studio for reporting is difficult when you have to setup so many API connectors for each client on each platform. Supermetrics makes this process simple. I love it! Cons: Pricing could be lower considering the no-touch service they provide. Hard to justify the cost. Supermetrics is a data connector designed for marketers and small businesses. It allows users to extract marketing and analytics data and deliver it to platforms suited for reporting, visualization, or storage. The platform's direct integration with Google Data Studio provides a simple solution for data visualization, though users may encounter a learning curve when choosing which dimensions. See Changes to Supermetrics pricing on the 28th of March 2021 for more information. However, if you had auto-renewal enabled prior to the pricing model change, and are presently on the old pricing model, this guide will instruct you on how to manually switch to the new pricing model should you wish to do so. Step 1: Cancel Your Current Subscription (Old Pricing Model) To cancel your. Supermetrics Pricing. Supermetrics pricing is tricky. Or flexible. It's hard to decide really. They have many variations of the product you can buy. So you pay for what you need. But with complex needs, you'll likely face the problem of purchasing additional modules and higher costs. For instance, the pricing here seems appealing. $39.mo is not a big deal, right? But let's switch to.

See detailed pricing plans for Supermetrics. Compare costs with competitors and find out if they offer a free version, free trial or demo Supermetrics pricing, The Best Tool for Automated Marketing Reporting in Excel. Supermetrics will helps you move data without ever leaving your spreadsheet. Skip to content. Scoopy Reviews. Marketing Tool . Supermetrics For Excel, Reviews & Pricing 2021. December 8, 2020 January 20, 2021 scoopyreviews 0 Comments. Supermetrics convenience at your fingertips. There is an immense number of. You should test an ETL or research different tools until the price is stable. Is increasing the price each year, too fast and too expensive. 4x the price in less than 2 years. Stay with another provider until Supermetrics shows an stable pricing. Review collected by and hosted on G2.com Supermetrics' mission is to make actionable data better available for marketers, so that. they can analyse and report data freely across different sources in the unique ways they. need to. We believe, that in the world of growing amount of data, one-size-fits-all data. solutions are no longer relevant, and better access to data for non-technical Pricing Plans; Other Popular Software Reviews; What is Supermetrics ? Supermetrics is a cloud-based business analytics that unifies all performance and metrics indicators in a centralized location. Primarily created to help businesses streamline their access to Google Analytics data, the software has evolved as a full-blown reporting solution that works with different analytics tools and.

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  1. Supermetrics is a reporting software designed to help businesses transfer marketing data to various analytics, external reporting, storage, and.
  2. Supermetrics Pricing. Die Preise für Supermetrics basieren auf fünf Abonnementoptionen: für Data Studio (0 bis 382,72 US-Dollar pro Monat), für Google Sheets (0 bis 190,72 US-Dollar und höher pro Monat), für Excel (126,72 bis 254,72 US-Dollar und höher pro Monat), für BigQuery (190 bis 190 US-Dollar 490 US-Dollar pro Monat) und Supermetrics-API (Sonderpreis). Die Hauptunterschiede.
  3. Supermetrics BigQuery& Supermetrics API; Prices are available on request. *All pricing details are to be paid on a monthly basis. Prices given in brackets are for if you choose the monthly payment options instead of an annual option. # These options are individually available under all the pricing plans and not available as a set

Supermetrics pricing. Supermetrics pricing is lenient and thorough user friendly so that more people are able to experience the market analysis experience of the software. Supermetrics pricing is a method incorporated to offer user flexibility starting from 99$. Other plans with enhanced features are also available on quote basis. Supermetrics Reporting Software Demo. Supermetrics is your go. Pull and Manage Metrics from Several Sources; check user reviews, pricing packages, features, pro' and con's, coupons & best alternatives. Pull and Manage Metrics from Several Sources . Submit a coupon/deal; Add listing Login / Register. Home New SaaS Software Supermetrics. New SaaS Software. Supermetrics $ 39.00. Visit Website. Add to wishlist Added to wishlist Removed from wishlist 0. Add to. Not sure if Tableau, or Supermetrics is the better choice for your needs? No problem! Check Capterra's comparison, take a look at features, product details, pricing, and read verified user reviews. Still uncertain? Check out and compare more Reporting product For example, here you can review Chartio (overall score: 8.9; user rating: 100%) vs. Supermetrics (overall score: 8.4; user rating: N/A%) for their overall performance. You can even see which one provides more features that you need or which has more suitable pricing plans for your current budget. Having a clear table to match their features.

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Supermetrics is an integration tool that connects solutions like Google Sheets with about 70 marketing and ad platforms. Funnel connects to even more marketing and ad platforms, but more importantly, Funnel is a platform where your data is automatically mapped and cleaned, before it is automatically sent to one or many destinations Pricing Model: Per Feature. Free Trial. Free Version. Supermetrics. Starting from. A product's price can vary greatly based on features needed, support or training required, and customization requests. When you find a product that fits your needs, you should talk to the vendor to figure out what they can offer. $ 99 /Per-Month

Supermetrics Pricing: Supermetrics is the cheapest solution by far, starting at $19 per month, but their product offering is very rudimentary. There are different plans depending on where you plan to send your data, and the cost adds up quickly if you need to purchase any of the add ons Stitch and Supermetrics differ widely on their pricing models. Stitch charges based on usage: you pay for the total number of rows written across all of your API connections each month. Supermetrics charges per account: you pay a flat fee per account synced per month for each API. Like we mentioned before, price is often not the determining factor of which ETL tool to use for a data pipeline. For instance, you can contrast Supermetrics and Funnel.io for their tools and overall scores, in this case, 8.4 and 7.4, respectively. Likewise, you can compare which product has superior general user satisfaction rating: N/A% (Supermetrics) and 100% (Funnel.io) to find out which product is the better option for your business. Don't just pick the solution with the lowest price, but the. Supermetrics pricing. Of course, as great a tool as Supermetrics is doesn't come for free. And that's not entirely true - you do have a free test option. But this type of user has very limited options, and doesn't really paint the full picture in my opinion. Therefore, the cheapest option (at this time) is the Pro user for Google sheets is $69/month. For Google Data Studio the.

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Pricing: Pricing starts at $75/month for up to 20 clients. Rating: 4.5/5 on G2Crowd. Reporting Abilities: Facebook, Google Ads, Bing, Instagram, SalesForce, and several others. Swydo gives you the ability to create customized reports, monitor KPI's, manage tasks, optimize workflows, and even track time.. You can pull in data from one of many different social media and business intelligence. Supermetrics Fivetran; Free Trial •14-day free trial •14-day free trial and •14-day free usage of all connectors for all customers: License Model • Starts as low as $39/month •Price increases if you add more than 1 connector, add more than 1 account, add more than 1 one user Supermetrics turns Excel into a swiss army knife for automated PPC, SEO, web analytics and social media reporting. Effortlessly report, monitor and analyze your marketing campaigns. With this add-in, you can: Get all your marketing metrics into Excel, with our unparalleled integrations with Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, Bing, Twitter, LinkedIn and other marketing platforms you use. Supermetrics is a reporting automation tool that helps digital marketers pull all their PPC, SEO, social and web analytics data into one place including spreadsheets and data visualization platforms for reporting and analysis. Supermetrics is used by +400k marketers across the globe and is the #1 reporting automation tool for PPC, SEO, social and web analytics

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  1. Supermetrics. Twitter, Instagram. Limited. Limited. No. 1. Email & forum support 39 €/month. Metricool. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Previous and Current Year. Unlimited. Yes. 250+ Live chat support, email & Help Center. 29 €/month . Connect over 250 data sources to Data Studio from 15 or more different brands. Plus, manage your social inbox, discover your best hours, and.
  2. Supermetrics Pricing: Ideal for small companies on a tight budget with plans starting as low as $19 per month. But the platform is limited. Different plans are available depending on where you send your data. If add-ons are needed Supermetrics cost can add up quickly. Supermetrics Integrations . Supermetrics claims to have 40+ integrations, though there is no list of what those 40.
  3. Supermetrics stock price, funding rounds, valuation and financials. Supermetrics has raised $51.65 m in total funding. View Company. Supermetrics Funding. Summary Metrics. Founding Date: 2013: Supermetrics: total Funding$51.6 m: Supermetrics: latest funding size$47.50 m: Time since last funding: 6 months ago : Supermetrics: investorsIVP, OpenOcean, Highland Europe. Supermetrics's latest.

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Compare Anaplan vs Supermetrics. 243 verified user reviews and ratings of features, pros, cons, pricing, support and more Compare SharpSpring vs Supermetrics. 559 verified user reviews and ratings of features, pros, cons, pricing, support and more

Supermetrics is a solid product that our experts evaluated with a 8.4 score and with a N/A user satisfaction rate. It's price starts at $11.99. However, you may want to consider other Business Intelligence Software products that got even better scores and satisfaction ratings. Here's how Supermetrics fares in comparison to these Supermetrics allows administrators to define custom metrics and dimensions to source, extract and evaluate data from different marketing platforms such as Facebook Ads, HubSpot, and Google Analytics. It lets employees establish custom workflows to automatically generate and update reports on a daily, hourly, weekly, or monthly basis. Enterprises can also organize, edit, and save extraction. SuperMetrics + Data Studio alternative for Shopify stores Discover Polar, a simple yet powerful marketing dashboard. Connect your marketing sources in one click. Analyze all your data at the same place. ‍Augment with insights and anomaly detection in realtime. REQUEST A demo. Join 100+ D2C brands getting actionable marketing insights effortlessly. An all-in-one marketing dashboard. Polar. View pricing. Get the Help You Need, When You Need It Our Support Team Is Always Here to Help . The Problem. Another recurring theme in customer reviews for Supermetrics is that their support team is quite slow at responding to inquiries. As you probably know, when you have an issue with one of your client reports, getting it resolved as quickly as possible is crucial to building a long-term. (Price per ELEMENT) 0-100,000: 100,001-500,000: 500,000+ 0.005 USD per each (5.00 USD per 1000) 0.004 USD per each (4.00 USD per 1000) Contact Sales for volume pricing: Each query sent to the Distance Matrix API generates elements, where the number of origins times the number of destinations equals the number of elements. SKU: Distance Matrix Advanced . A request to the Distance Matrix API.

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Supermetrics is one of the go-to tools for digital agencies. It picks up all the marketing data you need for SEO, PPC, social, and web analytics and puts it all into Google Sheets.. Their Pro plan (their most affordable one, at $99) gives you access to 32 great digital marketing data sources. Enterprises get as much as 48. What's great about Supermetrics is that it has an efficient & easy-to. Supermetrics helps effortlessly fetch data from Stripe, combine it with the data from other marketing, CRM and analytics platforms and pull this data to spreadsheets, data visualization tools, BI tools and data warehouses. Learn more Supermetrics, Helsinki. 129,769 likes · 285 talking about this · 83 were here. Get all your online marketing data in one place. Easy-to-use report automation tools for PPC, SEO, social and web analytics

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Pricing. Flat fee. Region. Global. Supermetrics gathers all your marketing data and brings it to your favorite reporting, analytics, or storage platform, including spreadsheets, data visualization tools, and marketing data warehouses. Get your Twitter Ads data directly to Google Sheets, Google Data Studio, or Excel and blend it with all your other marketing data. Whether you want to combine. Still, keep in mind that Supermetrics doesn't provide attribution reporting and data quality monitoring. Pricing . Pricing depends on the integrations and features you choose and starts at $39 a month. For example, these are the plans available for Supermetrics/Google Data Studio Pricing & Free Trial. Supermetrics offers a free 14-day trial. After your trial, the solution costs $199 per user per month under 100,000 contacts. If you have more contacts than that, you'll need to obtain a quote. ‍ HubSpot-Google Sheets connection via G-Accon. G-Accon for HubSpot is another great add-on — but one that offers different levels of service depending on which plan you. Supermetrics Price: Free Google Analytics integration with up to 100 queries per month; from $49/month for one of the paid plans, which add more queries per day and other features. Blockspring. to import and analyze data with APIs. Want to find pricing data from Amazon, extract data from an article, or research company stats? Blockspring is a powerful add-on that can do that and more. It. Pricing Google Data Studio. When it comes to the Google Data Studio pricing, we have some good news - it is absolutely free! You can use a variety of processing data visualization functions at absolutely no cost to your wallet. All you need is an active Google account and a desire to visualize staff! Microsoft Power B

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The pricing for Supermetrics starts at $19.00 per month. Supermetrics has 9 different plans: Legacy Products at $19.00 per month. Supermetrics Uploader at $39.00 per month. Individual Connector (Data Studio) at $49.92 per month. Pro (Google Sheets) at $88.32 per user per month. Pro (Data Studio) at $126.72 per month Supermetrics overview: learn more about features, pricing, customers, integrations and more. Supermetrics for Google Sheets connects to your advertising platforms, letting you report, monitor and analyze your marketing campaigns in Sheets. Supermetrics for Google Data Studio helps you pull all your marketing data into Google Data Studio. Supermetrics for Excel gives you Automated marketing.

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Pricing Plans for Supermetrics for BigQuery. Supermetrics offers 2 plans for this product, based on the number of accounts and data sources. However, if you have very specific requirements or need to make use of multiple data sources, then you could always drop in an email to the sales team of Supermetrics and work that out. Since the pricing pattern of Supermetrics for BigQuery charges on the. Supermetrics runs on the cloud, and hence you can access your Supermetrics account globally through any compatible device. Pricing and Plans. Supermetrics is a finely crafted data reporting tool coming at a fair price for what you get, and the convenient format you get it in. On March 28, 2021 they changed their pricing format from a 2-tier. 3 accounts per source. Starting Price. $39 per month. $29.95 per month. If your connector is available in both Supermetrics and Power My Analytics, then for ease of use I'd definitely going for Supermetrics and signing up for their 7 day free trial to see if it's the right choice for your business Price: Pricing of Supermetrics differs depending on the integrating app. The price of integration with Google Sheets starts at $99 per month. You have to pay $39 per month to integrate with Data Studio. Integration with Excel also costs $99 per month. Integration with BigQuery costs $190 per month. There are additional add ons, such as Supermetrics Data Graber offered at $19 per month that. How Supermetrics Align Their Marketing and Sales Teams for Maximum Revenue. Last updated: April 21, 2021. Supermetrics is a marketing data pipeline. It helps marketers move their data from different platforms to reporting, analytics, or storage platforms, without the hassle of having to copy/paste everything or deal with CSV exports

Join the Supermetrics Partner Program! Register today and start earning recurring commissions from every Supermetrics subscription payment your referrals make Each data source integration comes with a different price tag, most of them costing $39 per month and others costing $29 per month. Supermetrics for BigQuery. This is a new tool on the platform that showcases the processing power of the Google Cloud. You can link advertising data with CRM data or web analytics. You can also compare paid.

Supermetrics for Google Sheets is a powerful add-on that turns Google Sheets into a full-blown business reporting system for SEM, SEO, web analytics and social media. With this tool, you can: - Get metrics from multiple sources into Google Sheets. We provide integration for Google Analytics, Adwords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Twitter Ads and dozens of other platforms. - Refresh reports. Why is DashThis the Supermetrics alternative you've been looking for? DashThis is a marketing reporting tool created for marketers and agencies; our reports are tailored specifically to your needs. You can easily share your account with all your colleagues, clients, or boss and whether you need 2, 10, or 100 dashboards, you get the same easy-to-use features, great service, and beautiful design Welcome - Supermetrics Checkout. Please sign in. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site. Cookie policy Supermetrics allows users to build marketing reports inside the platforms they already know such as Google Sheets, Excel and Google Data Studio. In addition, the students will learn more about Supermerics for Google BigQuery and more advanced marketing reports they could build using the data warehouse. After taking this course you'll Determine at a strategic level why your business is not. Pricing is per data source with a 14-day free trial at the start, to me it looks like Supermetrics are looking to position their pipeline-as-a-service in-between Stitch and Fivetran's in-terms of pricing but with the service aimed at marketers, not data engineers. Details of pricing and pricing metrics are on the Supermetrics support page and full details of the service are on the.

Supermetrics have different pricing options for each product. To view the packages for Google Sheets, Excel, BigQuery, Supermetrics Uploader, and Supermetrics API, check out the full Supermetrics Pricing Page. Final Verdict. All in all, I would say Supermetrics is a marketers best friend. As a digital marketing agency, we spend hours on creating reports for our clients and Supermetrics really. Mar 10, 2019 - supermetrics pricingTo Learn More or Sign Up For Free Trial, Click This Link http://bit.ly/supermetricsofficialsitesupermetrics.

Supermetrics Review: Pricing & Software Features 2020

Clear and simple pricing. Only pay for the insights you use. It could not get get easier than that.* $349/insight 1. Automated Data Ingestion. One-Time Onboarding Fee. Additional Insights . Users Consuming Insights. Planning & Campaign Management. Included 2. $2,000. $349/insight/month 1. Unlimited. N/A. Included 2. $4,000. $349/insight/month 1. Unlimited 2. 10 Users Included 4. 1 An answer to. Supermetrics is the #1 marketing data pipeline company and one of Europe's fastest-growing tech companies. We were founded in 2013 as a result of one data geek's will to win a Google t-shirt and have been profitable and growing ever since. In case we haven't met before, here's Supermetrics in a nutshell: We are a diverse community of curious minds and data geeks excited to build the. supermetrics.com - Die Optimierung von SEO-Einträgen hilft Ihnen bei der Analyse und Optimierung, um das Website-Ranking in Suchmaschinen schnell und genau zu verbessern Supermetrics Review 2021 Pricing & Feature : 14 Days Free Trial (Our #1 Pick) Supermetrics Reviews. Letzte Aktualisierung am: 29. Mai 2021 by Jitendra Vaswani. In diesem Beitrag haben wir auch unseren ehrlichen und vertrauenswürdigen Supermetrics Review vorgestellt, der alle detaillierten Einblicke in Preise, Features, Funktionen und mehr von Supermetrics enthält. Also fangen wir hier an. There's no success that comes with the price of someone else, so we hope you share this value with us. At Supermetrics, we have a warm atmosphere and very talented people to learn from. We take our work seriously, but place a lot of value in having fun together as well. We recognize our team as our greatest asset and take good care of our people. Does this sound like your kind of.

Pricing Google Data Studio. When it comes to the Google Data Studio pricing, we have some good news - it is absolutely free! You can use a variety of processing data visualization functions at absolutely no cost to your wallet. All you need is an active Google account and a desire to visualize staff! Microsoft Power B SAP Ariba pricing is available in the following plans: Free trial Quote-based Plan . Contact vendor . Other popular software reviews Supermetrics review. 84 . $11.99 . Related posts. Bicxo Review: Pricing, Pros, Cons & Features. Slyker Tech Review: Pricing, Pros, Cons & Features . Canvas LMS vs Blackboard Comparison 2021. Canvas LMS and Blackboard are two of today's leading learning. HYROS Is Hyper-Accurate Tracking For Digital Businesses. See your customer's journey. Every click and purchase your customer makes is tracked and easy to view. HYROS is absolutely essential to our sales funnel tracking ROI. Dean Graziosi's Ad Team Mastermind.com. STEP 1. Ad Clicks. STEP 2. Sales Calls Supermetrics. With Supermetrics you can move your CallRail data to Google Sheets, Google Data Studio and Excel where you can combine it with data from 70+ platforms, such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Shopify and many others. Here are a couple of reasons why you should use Supermetrics to build reports that include data from CallRail: Reduce your reporting time by 50%. You can focus on value.

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Pricing & plans: Supermetrics for Google Sheets; Yearly (22% off). Choose the right plan for your business. Click The Link. Simple, Scalable Pricing. Try AgencyAnalytics risk-free for 14 days. No credit card required. Monthly Annually. Pay annually and get 2 months free! Pay annually and get 2 months free! Freelancer. $ 49 /Month. 5 Client Campaigns Supermetrics was founded in 2013 as a result of one data geek's will to win a Google t-shirt. We have been profitable and growing ever since. There's no success that comes with the price of someone else, so we hope you share this value with us. What's in it for you? The reason people love to work at Supermetrics is all of us working towards the same goal with our own individual. Join the Supermetrics Affiliate Program! Register today and start earning recurring commissions from every Supermetrics subscription payment your referrals make Supermetrics products: Supermetrics for Google Sheets, Supermetrics for Data Studio, Supermetrics for Excel, you receive 20% recurring commission from the purchase price. + 90 day cookie life - the time between your referral's first visit to their website and their purchase, within which the commission is tracked + They pre-approve affiliate applications + Early updates on new product. Supermetrics moves marketing and business data to your reporting, analytics, and storage platforms. This means you can use Supermetrics to: Pull all the SEO data you need into a single report (whether that's Google Sheets, Excel, or Google Data Studio) Automate keyword research, content audits, and backlink reports Set triggered email alerts to stay informed when a keyword's position changes.

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