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Opening RFI/3bet and defence for 20bb Heads-Up Spin N Go. Plus instant access to postflop strategy and ranges for over 5000 solutions, covering all 1755 strategically different flops. We ran each flop individually at high accuracy using the solved preflop ranges for each spot to provide you with optimal strategy advice postflop in your browser - instantly Hand2Note Pro.Tools Spin&GO - it's a convenient HUD and advanced statistics for postflop gameplay Pack #8: Spin&Go Flops. On the official website of the developer Simple Postflop you can download a version that allows you to perform mathematical calculations for the turn and river absolutely free of charge and without restrictions on the terms of operation 5 Tipps für Spin & Gos Tipp 1: Nicht mit spekulativen Händen callen Du solltest Openraises nicht mit spekulativen Händen callen, wenn du mehr als 10% deines Stacks investieren müsstest. Normalerweise callt man mit solchen Händen preflop, um bei passenden Boardtexturen einen profitablen Postflop-Move zu machen. Im oben genannten Fall ist das Preflop-Investment jedoch zu hoch und die potenziellen Implied Odds zu niedrig. Man kann nicht einfach Fit or Fold spielen. Auch AT, KQ und Axs.

Spin & Go-Beginnerstrategie - Der Kurs - Das Postflopspiel In dieser und der nächsten Lektion lernst du am Flop zu spielen und bei mehr als 10 Big Blinds effektiver Stacksize (siehe Artikel zu Lektion 1) nicht mehr ausschließlich All-in zu gehen Hit that subscribe button!Receive $30 in free tournament tickets when you signup to partypoker with our link!https://promo.partypoker.com/en/promo/lp/welcome..

We completely redesigned hand groups at the postflop, significantly expanding them to the specifics of the Spin&Go and HU tournaments, with an adequate color scheme with a logical change of colors to improve the perception. We also introduced a large number of postflop statistic layouts depending on the structure of the boards. Groups of hands and boards appear in the extended standard popups. How Do Spin & Gos Work? In case you're in the minority and have yet to try a Spin & Go out, here's a quick rundown. They are 3 players per tournament with a buy-in between $1 and $100. The structure is a hyper-turbo (on average 7 minutes per tourney) and the winner takes all Raise your spin to the highest levels with us. We are the Spin and Go division of the bitB family and offering coaching and staking for players from all stakes. If you are playing another variant of poker we can help you make the transition fast to this very profitable and always running game. Take a look around on our site to gather some more. Notecaddy Pro.Tools Spin&GO / HU SNG HUD and pop-ups for Spin&GO and HU SNG HUD http://NotecaddyProTools.com Text.Notes - Automatic Notes Creation vsHero Pro.Tools.

20bb Heads-Up Spin N Go Preflop + Postflop Addon Solved Range

$3 Spin & Go First-Place Prize $7 Spin & Go First Place Prize Frequency; 3,600: $9,000: $21,000: 1 of 100,000: 240: $600: $1,400: 5 of 100,000: 120: $300: $700: 10 of 100,000: 25: $75: $175: 100 of 100,000: 10: $30: $70: 500 of 100,000: 6: $18: $42: 7,500 of 100,000: 4: $12: $28: 19,866 of 100,000: 2: $6: $14: 72,018 of 100,00 James and Nick built the course based on his their years of experience in studying & playing Spin & Go's on both mid and high stakes (check Nick's Spin & Go graph!). From this experience and analysing the data they devised a pre and postflop plan to ensure you crush from $5 all the way up to $25 Spin & Go's

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  1. A typical open-raising-range from the button with 25 big blinds should be between 35-50% in a spin and go. Depending on your skill you should be on the tighter side if you aren't comfortable post-flop, and on the broader side if you think you can manage to play a wide range post-flop
  2. 3H SPINnGO Pro HUD. When playing Spin and Goes or other 3-handed sit'n'go tournaments it is best practice to have 2 different HUD profiles, one for 3-handed play and one for Heads-Up play. Since Pokertracker version 4.15.7. it is possible to switch HUDs automatically, you can read instructions in our Setup Guide
  3. The Pack was designed by 6-max Cash high limit players. The Pack was solved using subset of 184 flops. The solution of all of the 184 flops is also available for downloading. All with locked preflop raiser ranges based on population statistics from NL1K and NL2K on Stars
  4. utes. The winner of a tournament wins the entire prize pool
  5. Stratégie postflop pour les Twister, JAQKPOT, Spin&Go et Expresso Comment configurer Poker Tracker 4 pour Winamax ? Introduction Disclaimer : cette page est issue du guide officiel de P.T.4 en anglais disponible ici
  6. ProTools Spin&GO / HU SNG - package is designed taking into account specifics and features of Spin&GO and HU SNG tournaments, it includes all new features of Notecaddy to display information on opponents, and also stats and customizable popups that help better understand the opponents and their gameplay. Popups provide detailed statistics.

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PokerStars Spin and Go Strategy - The Maths. Not knowing this mantra of math stuff behind Spin & Go's is like playing poker without knowing what's the chance to make a pair on the flop. You might get lucky at the start, maybe even hit some big ones, but if you want to keep playing these mini-tournaments, variance will eventually get you Spin&Go Master is a HUD optimized for 3-handed jackpot Sit'n'Goes with unique and advanced statistics separated by position and common gameplay situations. The structure of the HUD guides us logically through the process of making decisions. PokerTracker 4 supports automatic Hud switching when reaching the 2-handed game

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Spin and Go GTO Solutions by Simple Postflop . We're excited to bring you some special GTO solutions for Spin and Gos. Through Simple Postflop's powerful engine, we have the ability to hand pick some valuable solutions for you to study and apply to your understanding of the game. You can find a detailed description of these solutions and more through the solutions page. Top. Log in or register. Product information Spin & Go Strategy - Part #2: Postflop Play Length: 32 minutes | Language: English | Date: April 2015 Content: This is the 2nd part of a 3-part series about my approach to Spin & Go play. It deals with the very base of my strategic postflop game in this fast action format as well as specific adjustments or ideas about how to build extra edges through manipulative. PostflopHero Spin&Go . Personal trainer for postflop . Let's go! More information. ChartViewer will help you categorise numerous pre- and postflop scenarios in Spin & Go's and Heads-Up Poker, so you can find and understand patterns and increase your chance of winning even versus the best opponents in Online Poker. The GTO Postflop Ranges and Frequencies kick these charts off to a new level. Instead of browsing through various postflop solutions, or having a program and. 6max 500z Preflop + 1 year PostFlop Access - ALL Streets; 6max 100bb GG; 6max 100bb 500z PostFlop Addon (Yearly)- ALL Streets; 4max 100bb 16% ante; 6max 100bb bb ante; 9max 100bb Ante ; 3max 100bb FastForward; 6max 500z 2.2x 2020; 6max 100bb GG 3b/f; MTT. 10bb MTT Heads-Up Preflop + PostFlop Addon; 15bb MTT Heads-Up Preflop + Flop Addon; 20bb MTT Heads-Up Preflop + Flop Addon; 25bb MTT Heads.

Spin & Go-Beginnerstrategie - Der Kurs Sit & Go

Die letzten Änderungen der Seite Postflop GGPoker führt 6max Spin & Go SNG ein; User. Schließen; Registrieren; Einloggen; Suche nach: Über YourPokerDream. Unser Service richtet sich an jede Art von Pokerspieler. Egal ob Du ein sehr erfahrener Spieler oder ein Gelegenheitsspieler bist. Wir sind stolz drauf, dass wir unserer Community die höchstmöglichen Rakeback-Deals und. Let's take 10 Spin & Go players who beat the $15 Spin & Gos with an ROI of 5%. Those are top-notch players. Now we simulate 10,000 tourneys and plot their cumulative winnings: Well, those are some wild graphs! All samples are above zero but the winnings are between $760 and $9,400. Player H was in the red for well over 6,000 tourneys and at one point he was down more than $1,000. Over 10,000.

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  1. ing in spins. If you want to play these hands, it's ideally in an all-in situation. I've encountered a fair amount of Villians who trap with cards like QQ+ too, so this has the added exploitative nature of representing something a little bit stronger. there's a lot of hands which limp and call a non all-in raise but.
  2. Spin & Go's what should I know before I start playing them? I've done a little research on them, but haven't found much useful info. I've seen posts saying the variance is insane and you might even never be profitable unless you hit one of the big jackpot payouts. I've also seen the opposite, saying there's very little variance
  3. ProTools Spin&GO / SNG HU - package is designed taking into account specifics and features of Spin&GO and HU SNG tournaments, Popups provide detailed statistics, preflop and postflop ranges, including visual information in the form of a preflop ranges matrix. Package includes two HUDs for Spin&GO and HU SNG. Spin&GO HUD: HU SNG HUD: Features list of package: • Two HUDs for Spin&GO and.
  4. Thinking Postflop Poker Spin And Go Strategy. Before you reach that stage of having to try to commit preflop, though, you can play these same hands and see flops with them. Limping is more common in PLO in NLHE, and may be okay to do in these PLO Spin & Gos if it helps you get to the flop cheaply. So, too, is simply calling opening raises rather than three-betting and bloating pots. (But.
  5. Second lesson of our Spin&Go course for beginners, focused on playing postflop. Visit the coaching thread for more information, click here. Tags. Beginner beginner's strategy coaching course how to play spin&go jackpot postflop sng Spin&Go twister webina
  6. Expressos, Spin&Go, Tridentes Juega con ventaja en las modalidades con más tráfico del póquer online. Úsalas en el replayer de PT4 para estudiar tus errores o directamente en la mesa de tu sala de poker preferida para tomar la mejor decisión en cada situación. TABLAS PREFLOP HUD 1.0. 0. Tamaños de stack 0. 16 posibles situaciones 0. Tablas preflop HUD 1.0 3handed. HUD 1.0 HU. Tabla 1.
  7. SPINFIRE HUD. SpinFire - was created with the support of professional players Spin & Go | Jackpot Sng | HU Of 30 - 100 limits. The project has been supportedby a representative of a «SPINBEASTS» school, a coach and a regular player of 60 - 100 limit - Sten/'ukasu'. This package includes advanced positional HUDs for 2max and 3 max games

Spin n go is best for good postflop skills and reading abilities player. Ps. Sit n go, is best though in variance terms. _____ #19. October 10th, 2018, 4:39 PM m0t22. Postflop, I'd use continuation bet, and fold to continuation bet. Donk Bet Out of Position and Fold to Donk Bet Out of Position could be useful for distinguishing between donks and maniacs. Donks would have a high Donk Bet Out of Position stats. Simple, but effective I think. You can add continuation bet by street, but I don't think Spin & Go's offer the opportunity to use. Más de 45 miembros aprendiendo Spin and Go. Todo lo que necesitas para ser ganador en la modalidad. Mi nombre es Pablo RaydeN08 Sanz, jugador profesional de poker. Llevo 5 años dedicándome al poker online, he sido 5 veces Supernova élite y he enseñado a más de 100 personas durante mi carrera profesional. Si eres un jugador recreacional con ganas de mejorar, o un jugador profesional con. Spin & Go is a new 3-player SNG in hyper-turbo format, where the prize pool is randomly drawn and the buy-in can be multiplied by between 2 and 1000 times. Each player starts with 25 bb in their stacks at a 10/20 level, and blinds go up every 3 minutes. The winner of a tournament wins the entire prize pool. Find out all the details of this mode and 5 tips for your strategy in this article. At.

Spin & Go - Multiple depths ONLY PREFLOP Currently, these solutions are available only for preflop, but we will keep adding postflop spots overtime (we are still solving them). We will announce it on our Discord. + NON-UNIFORM Players will have different stack sizes, which changes ranges quite a bit. For example, BTN has 15bb, SB has 5bb, and BB has 15bb stack etc.) HU SnG - Multiple. Collection of definitions /stats and pop-ups for tournament games 6-9max, Spin&GO and HU SNG with using preflop/postflop stacks and betsizing. Pack/collection composition: HUD: 3 items (6-9max / Spin&GO / HU SNG) Pop-ups: 33 vsHero statistics: 97 stats Preflop: 452 stats Single raised pots (SRP): 137 stats 3bet pots: 78 stats Other statistics: 54+ stats Badges/Informers: 22 indicators. Total. Spin & Go Crash Course. Start witht the early game opening ranges, then learn how to deal with limpers and go all the way to the heads-up play. This is a 10 part course where coach Cog Dis teaches the most important strategies to start crushing Spin & Go tournaments. Course Value: €14 Postflop ist ein Bereich, bei dem viele Sit and Go Spieler sehr viele und vor allem sehr schwerwiegende Leaks haben. Ich werde euch zeigen, wie ihr eure Gegner Postflop regelrecht zerstören könnt. Ihr werdet als Preflopaggressor in position und out of position fit gemacht. Wir schauen uns zusammen an, wie ihr als Coldcaller optimal spielen könnt und wie ihr die Boards richtig readen könnt.

GTOSims is a store with accurate GTO solutions for various poker disciplines from the developers of the most advanced GTO solvers: Simple Preflop Holdem and Simple Postflop.In our store you will find strategies for the following poker disciplines: MTT, 6-Max Cash, Sit&Go, Spin&Go and others. To calculate preflop strategies, we use the most accurate and advanced solver - Simple Preflop Holdem. In formats like Hyper-Turbos and Spin-and-Go's you start with a short stack, and in tournaments you'll very often find yourself short-stacked. So, let's dive into 7 tips that will prepare you for these crucial situations! Tip #1: Learn your preflop ranges. Every decision you make while short stacked preflop is worth a big chunk of your total stack, so using solid opening and 3-bet. Естественно в Spin-and-go речь идёт о 3-max и Heads Up, но для турниров, кэш-игры или Sit-and-Go можно использовать статистику для большего числа игроков за столом с помощью версии программы EasyStreet Standart. Весьма необходимая утилита. The Spin Beasts HUD is a must have for anyone serious about crushing the game. Other Spin and Go Hud's on the market don't even come close to offering the quality that The Spin Beasts HUD offers. The Spin Beasts HUD has a variety of exclusive features you honestly cannot find anywhere else atm and was designed, programmed and tested by some of the best players in the game

Hi all. As you may be aware the cost of GTO pre flop solutions using PioSOLVER is quite expensive. It costs $1100 for the solver and you need to spend even more on cloud computing or a dedicated server as it can't run on a home computer (if you want accurate solutions) Spin & Go : Faits et Stratégie. Le Spin & Go est une variante de SnG hyper-turbo à 3 joueurs dont la cagnotte est déterminée par loterie. Le vainqueur remportera ainsi entre 2 fois et 1000 fois le montant du buy-in. Chaque joueur débute la partie avec 25 blindes au niveau 10/20 et les blindes augmentent par la suite toutes les 3 minutes はじめに ・内容. spin & goの preflop rangeです。 3 way: 25bb, 22.5bb, 20bb, 17.5bb, 15bb, 12.5bb, 10bb HU: 25bb, 22.5bb, 20bb, 17.5bb, 15bb, 12.5bb, 10bb. Spin&Go Master Essential for PT4. Spin&Go Master is a HUD optimized for 3-handed jackpot Sit'n'Goes with unique and advanced statistics separated by position and common gameplay situations. The structure of the HUD guides us logically through the process of making decisions HUD for Spin&GO and HU SNG tournaments, pop-ups with advanced statistics. ProTools Spin&GO / SNG HU - package is designed taking into account specifics and features of Spin&GO and HU SNG tournaments, it includes all new features of Notecaddy to display information on opponents, and also stats and customizable popups that help better understand the opponents and their gameplay

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GTO Postflop Video Course. $300.00 - Purchase. Checkout Added to cart. In this 14 hour series of 29 videos we use GTO+, the only publicly available solver for 6+ holdem. My goals when using a solver is not only to find the GTO solution, but also to see where people are likely to deviate and how I could exploit such tendencies Gli Spin&Go (o Spin and Go) sono un particolare tipo di sit and go di poker online a 3 giocatori offerti da PokerStars. Il montepremi viene determinato all'inizio della partita e può ammontare da 2 a 100.000 volte il costo di iscrizione, che va da 2€ a 100€. A differenza dei sit'n'go un solo giocatore va a premio (winner takes all) e la partita ha una durata di pochi minuti

Starting this week Spin & Go players have another option available to them — pot-limit Omaha. Currently PokerStars offers PLO Spin & Gos at buy-in levels of $1, $3, $5, $7 and $15. Like the no.

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Current Status Not Enrolled Precio Gratis Get Started Login to Enroll Contenido del Curso ESTRATEGIA HIERRO 1. Estrategia Hierro 2. Estrategia Hierro - Juego Preflop 3. Estrategia Hierro - Juego Postflop (Flop) 4. Estrategia Hierro - Juego Postflop (Turn Y River) 5. Rango de Manos [

Spin And Go | Preflop Charts, GTO Strategy & ProbabilitiesSpinngo Pro HUD version v1GET THE BEST POKER HUD 2020 - HAND2NOTE HUD STORE

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  1. Je reviens donc en Mai pour recommencer a grind les spin and go de stars en commençant par les 25 ct et rapidement je me dis que le niveau en 1 euros et 25 ct doit etre le même mais avec un rake de 7% et donc cash in assez pour arriver avec une bankroll de 200 euros de départ. Je vais préciser que je joue en priorité pour le plaisir et que j'ai du mal a faire du volume (pour le moment.
  2. Ed è proprio di Spin and Go che parleremo quest'oggi, Sostanzialmente a una conoscenza dei range coi quali giocare preflop e a una scarna riduzione delle dinamiche postflop, limitate probabilmente a due strade e possibilmente nei primi due livelli di gioco. Il ROI di uno Spinnervincente si aggira attorno al 4%, una cifra raggiungibile vincendo un numero di partite vicino al 37/38.
  3. Other Spin and Go Hud's on the market don't even come close to offering the quality that The Spin Beasts HUD offers. The Spin Beasts HUD has a variety of exclusive features you honestly cannot find anywhere else atm and was designed, programmed and tested by some of the best players in the game. Here is a list of what The Spin Beasts Hud has to offer: Tracks all stats both preflop and.
  4. g essential to beat the tougher games. However, the nature of solver software makes finding optimal solutions very expensive
  5. Charts and postflop videos to have an overall strategy and be able to go further I had been playing spin & go's for many months trying to progess. But I couldn't find good content and was struggling to implement an overall strategy. Each spot was hard, even preflop, because I could not confirm if it was played well or badly. I was stuck. I discovered OP Poker on Youtube and I really.
ProTools Spin&GO / HU SNGNews: Gli insospettabili: Manuela MorenoJugar al póker: Juego en botes multijugador Maestros del PokerPogromcy mitów Smart Spin - Granie szerokiego zakresu

Re: GTO (spin and go, HyperHU) ranges preflop Also i'd like to mention that I own the book modern poker theory by Acevedo and in there you can find 6 max with ante ranges at 25BB and 15BB but i have no clue how much the antes are ****ing up the ranges and it doesnt have anything about HU ranges Simple Postflop Pack #3 - $349. Готовый расчет HU SNG. Simple Postflop Pack #2 - $149. Готовый расчет SBvsBB кэш-игры. Simple Postflop Pack #1 - $199. Готовый расчет Coffeeyay SBvsBB для Spin and Go. 50 префлоп расчетов - $1,499. Цена расчета зависит от. It handles postflop spots with arbitrary starting ranges, stack sizes, bet sizes as well as desired accuracy. It's the first in a new generation of tools moving poker from a game based mainly on intuition to a game based on analysis and math. PioSOLVER answers questions which were impossible to answer before: What should betting frequency on the flop be? What hands are the best semi-bluffs on. In my all games of spin and go which are in 0.25$,1$,3$,5$ my Ev Roi /chips per game is much higher than my actual winning=mongo format.I have between 4-10% evroi and my actual ROI is between -2 to 4% at max so unless you hit some miracle jackpot its losing even against big fishesh i mean losing time since your winning at this levels are dissaster hourly.I have between 70-110 chips per game.

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