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Select the Finder icon in the computer's dock and then the Applications folder. Double-click the iCal application icon. Double-clicking will open the calendar application and place it onto your... Finally, hold the Ctrl key and click the iCal dock icon. Navigate over to Options and. Click the Windows Start menu. Type Calendar. Double-click the Calendar app in the Start menu Click on the time and date on the taskbar. the calendar pops up. Click on a date and then on the + and you can put in an event. This uses the Calendar app. You may want it on the Start so you can do things there also. If this answers your question - Then mark it so. Then others may find it Desktop Calendar: Verwalten Sie Termine, Aufgaben und mehr Mit dem Desktop Calendar können Sie besondere Tage farblich hinterlegen Record anything by double-click on the windows desktop. Offers a variety of common festivals, anniversaries and other information. Move your data from one device to another with powerful tools. Print any page of calendar with wallpaper as you work

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  1. Desktop Calendar (Desktop Kalender) V2.3.92 Deutsch: Mit der Installation des kostenlosen Desktop Calendar holen Sie sich einen praktischen Kalender auf Ihren Windows-Desktop
  2. e und To-dos. Der Kalender lässt sich..
  3. So funktioniert der Kalender in Windows 10 In der Standard-Ansicht zeigt der Windows-10-Kalender euch die Tage des gesamten Monats an. Außerdem seht ihr anhand eines kleinen Symbols das derzeitige..
  4. Informationen zu One Calendar (Windows-10-App) Der One Calendar fasst Ihre Kalender von Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple iCloud und weiteren Diensten in einer Windows-App zusammen. Das Programm..
  5. If you are looking for an efficient desktop calendar software, VueMinder software is the program for you. The software is designed to define tasks & sub-tasks, schedule appointments so that you know when to meet whom beforehand, offers calendar views in multiple overlays such as day, month, week, year & timeline views
  6. Outlook Calendar: Home > Open Calendar > From Internet > paste Google iCal link into New Internet Calendar Subscription > OK. This article explains how to access your Google Calendar from the Windows 10 desktop by syncing your Google Calendar with the default Windows Desktop Calendar app or syncing with Outlook
  7. The Calendar App and the Taskbar Are Linked. Windows 10 has a built-in Calendar app you can use, but you can use your calendar without the app. Just click the clock on the right side of your taskbar, and you'll see the calendar popup. If you don't see any events, click Show Agenda at the bottom

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Windows 10 doesn't have built-in features for this stuff. In order to reach our goal, we need to use a third-party app. Don't worry. This one used in this guide is free, lightweight, easy-to-use and non-ads. It's the Widgets HD app. Install Widgets HD from Microsoft Store. Firstly, go to Start and search for Microsoft Store On Windows 10, Calendar is a built-in app designed to help you manage your schedule, including meetings, reminders, appointments, and other events. Although you may be able to find many alternative.. How to Add Clock to Desktop in Windows 10. So, here is how to add a clock to the desktop in Windows 10 using 8GadgetPack software: Step 1. Click here to download the 8GadgetPack software. Step 2. When downloaded, install the app. If you're prompted click Yes Calendar On Desktop Like Rainlander. Hi Guys. I am just going through the process of setting up my laptop with windows 10. Its a Lenovo T580 with a 2160p screen. I have been using Rainlander for years now through different systems, now it wont let me add my google calendar account even after many tries. It also looks small because of my UHD display

Calendar apps help keep track of events and assist in managing our schedule. Of the many desktop calendar UWP software available on Windows Store, here are the top 5 Calendar apps for Windows 10/8/7 Desktop Calendar Windows 10 free download - Desktop Calendar, PDF Reader for Windows 10, Desktop Calendar and Personal Planner, and many more program Calendar Gadgets Archives - Free Desktop Gadgets For Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Vista The good part about the view is that it also shows the date and the calendar to provide mode usefulness. If your goal is to have a visual clock shown on your desktop at all times, we'll show a few simple ways to accomplish that for free. blur_on. Alarms & Clock App on Windows 10 Desktop. Windows 10 has its own built-in clock app named 'Alarms & Clock' that provides features like an alarm. How to add an event in the Calendar app on Windows 10 Click on the Start menu button. It's the Windows icon in the bottom left corner of your screen. Click on the Calendar app

Apple has released the iCloud desktop app for you to sync the iCloud Photos, Mail, Calendar, and more to the Windows computer. It's a boon for iPhone users opting for Windows 10 on desktop Keepin Calendar is the most interactive calendar app and that is why it has been mentioned in the list of top 10 best calendar app for Windows 10. It is officially available on Microsoft store so that one can get it from there. It covers multi-cultural holidays, festivals and most awaited events from all over the world

1 Open the Calendar app. 2 In the Calendar app, click/tap on the Settings (gear) button at the lower left, and click/tap on Calendar Settings in the Settings flyout. (see screenshot below Get Google Calendar on Windows. If you're a Windows user, here are two very simple ways to put Google Calendar on your desktop. Use the Calendar App. Your Windows computer comes with a default calendar that lets you connect a Google account in addition to other types of calendars. If you're using the Calendar application for the first time on Windows, follow the prompts to get set up. If. Open your google calendar in your internet browser, then click the 3 dots menu in the top right hand corner, then select 'more tools' and then select 'create.. Some users are wondering how to put Google Calendar on desktop Windows 10. In the following contents, you will learn about some ways to use Google Calendar for desktop. Method 1: Create a Google Calendar Shortcut via Google Chrome. Google Chrome is a popular web browser provided by Google. It offers a feature for creating a shortcut on desktop of any page. In this way, you can navigate to the. Not all features of Windows 10 are yet available in the Technical Preview builds, but some unfinished areas are simply hidden. With the understanding that these hidden features are not yet complete, here's how to enable the new Desktop taskbar clock and calendar window in the latest Technical Preview of Windows 10

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Thanks to the integration of desktop notifications and global compatibility with the rest of Windows 10 services, the process of getting your Google Calendar synced and configured on your Windows is both simple and highly customizable at the same time. Sync Your Account. RELATED: How to Add, Remove, and Customize Tiles on the Windows 10 Start Menu. To start off, you're going to need to. Best calendar app for Windows users & managing multiple calendars OneCalendar is a great way to manage multiple calendars from different providers, bringing them all together in one, beautifully designed place. Most suitable for: Windows power users. Pricing: From free. Platforms: Windows 10, Windows, Windows Mobile, Android. OneCalendar. The program opens two windows, one of which is the main interface which looks like a diary, while the other one is the options window. Interactive Calendar runs in the background on the system tray. To close the desktop calendar, exit the application from the tray menu. If you closed the windows, click on the tray icon to re-access them In the left-hand sidebar, click the Options button (three dots) next to your calendar and pick Settings and sharing. On the next screen, scroll down to the Integrate calendar section. Copy the link in the Secret address in iCal format box. Open Outlook on your computer and select the Calendar with. Exceptional Countdown Calendar For Windows 10 Desktop. February 2, 2020. January 29, 2020. Cyril Schmidt calendar 2020. Specific date for launch of notification, however, might change. Please note the reversal of date in the event you have registered before today. If everyone is sending 50 or more emails per day, then a terrific way to save.


These are the Top 5 Calendar Widget for Windows 10 which one can use in their pc. Nick Jordan. Categories Tech Tags Calendar Widget, Calendar Widget for Windows, Calendar Widget for Windows 10 2 Comments Post navigation. NYC Doe School Calendar. When is Veterans day 2019. 2 thoughts on Top 5 Calendar Widget for Windows 10 Lakhan Sahu. April 14, 2021 at 10:32 am this gadget is verry use. These gadgets included features such as a hardware resource monitor, clocks, calendars and weather forecasts. Unfortunately, the feature was disabled in 2012, after a serious security vulnerability was found that affected the entire platform. So, what can you do if you want to add a time & weather gadget to your desktop in Windows 10

2. Display a Digital Clock to Windows 10 Desktop. 3. Put a Floating Clock on Windows 10 Desktop. Part 1: Add Desktop Clock to Windows 10. In the first place, if you wish to show the clock on Windows 10 desktop within the system, you can head to Date and time settings to configure the inbuilt clock on your PC. Unlike only displaying your time. In short, try resetting the app first. If that doesn't help, reinstall the app. Method 1. Reset the Calendar app in Windows 10. Resetting the Calendar app will automatically reset the Mail app as well. You will lose all data saved in Mail and Calendar app on this device, including sign-in details Mit Windows Vista hatten Sie Ihren großen Auftritt: Die verschiedensten Widgets, die sich der Nutzer auf den Desktop legen konnte. Kalender, Uhr, Wetterinformationen haben Sie so immer im Blick - auch wenn diese Widgets das System beim Start extrem ausbremsen, gibt es immer noch Fans der Desktop-Apps. Wir zeigen Ihnen hier die besten Kalender-Widgets für Ihren Desktop Seit Windows 10 sind Apps auch auf Desktop-Computern angekommen. Standardmäßig finden Sie Ihre Apps im Startmenü, können diese jedoch für einen schnelleren Zugriff auf den Desktop ziehen. Wir zeigen Ihnen, wie es geht. Datum: 24.03.2017. Sie können alle Apps in Windows 10 einfach auf den Desktop ziehen. Im Windows Store wird deutlich, dass Apps im aktuellen Betriebssystem Windows 10 eine.

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  1. The transparent icons / symbols on the Windows 10 desktop, which are slightly transparent, should not actually be visible! Many users of DesktopOK ask for the solution when saving the desktop icons! The Solution! Point 1 of 3: The transparent symbols are disturbing on the Windows 10 desktop
  2. Enhance your Windows desktop with cool Calendar Gadget. Home; How to Install; Select Page: Select Category: Installing Desktop Gadgets for Windows 10; Categories. Calendar Gadgets (65) Clock Gadgets (269) Music & TV Gadgets (10) PC & System Gadgets (199) Search Gadgets (16) Tools & Utillities Gadgets (180) Weather Gadgets (45) Search for: Featured Gadgets. Anime Calendar. July 6, 2017.
  3. When you want to look at a calendar in a default Windows installation the only option you have is to click on the clock in the lower right corner of the screen. And while that's an option, it is not a very comfortable one if you need to look at the calendar regularly. The calendar on top of that does not provide any additional functionality that one would expect, for instance an option to set.
  4. Kalender-App für den Desktop. Um Google Calendar unter Windows 10 zu nutzen, können Sie nicht nur den Browser verwenden. Ziehen Sie eine eigenständige Software der Browser-App vor, können Sie den Google-Kalender für Windows installieren. Laden Sie sich zuerst die Installationsdatei für Google Calendar herunter. Doppelklicken Sie die Datei, die Sie heruntergeladen haben, um die.
  5. In a previous article, I showed you how to add Google Calendar to Windows 10's Calendar app. It hasn't been easy to do so since Windows 8. Thanks to the new Calendar app, you now can enjoy working with your Google Calendar on Windows 10. Besides the calendars that lie in a specific account (Outlook,..

Chinese Calendar desktop gadget; Microsoft Calendar Gadget, Elegance and Simplicity; Category: Office Tags: calendar, multi month calendar, Windows Calendar. Post navigation ← Analog Aero Clock Windows Gadget Abstract Jazz Gadget for Windows → One thought on 3 Month Calendar Gadget for Windows Mally October 2, 2012. Thank you very much. Just what I was looking for. Comments are. The default Calendar for Windows 10 supports Outlook, Exchange, Google, and iCloud accounts. You can sign in to your Google account in the default calendar to sync your Google Calendar and its events. You follow the below steps to add your Google account: Hold the Windows key and press R to open Run box. Type outlookcal: and Enter to open the Windows calendar app. Opening Windows. The 7.0 version of Desktop Calendar is available as a free download on our website. From the users' point of view, the benefit of the software is this program is very customizable, but some people suggest that the weak side of the software is it is complicated.. This program relates to Office Tools. This free program is an intellectual property of Glenn Delahoy

Now you can, thanks to the Windows 10 October 2018 Update. You can find past or future events by searching for the name, location, people included or words in the event description. Events that match your search will be clearly visible on your calendar, while those that don't will be dimmed so you can find what you need quickly As a result, if you use Outlook for desktop or Mail & Calendar on Windows 10, you won't be able to access your shared family events. Unfortunately this change also removed some functionality. Windows 10 has a Calendar app pre-installed out of the box. While Windows Vista and Windows 8 also had Calendar apps, they were not adopted by everyone. The Calendar app is useful for those who need just a basic calendar app without extra features and storing important events, appointments, holidays etc. With a simple trick, you can enable national holidays in Windows 10 Calendar. Here is how. The new Windows 10 Calendar app is colorful and greatly improved over earlier versions & looks similar to the Office app. Learn how to use the Calendar App If you would like to display the week numbers for the current year in Windows 10's Calendar app, you will need to enable a small setting. Here are the instructions on how to show week numbers (based on a specific week numbering system) in the Calendar app. Display Week Numbers in Calendar View . Open the Calendar app, click on the Cog icon and go to Settings > Calendar Settings: Click on the.

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Google Calendar doesn't have an official desktop app for Windows 10. You can probably find third-party apps to fill in for an official app but the Calendar app on Windows 10 is about as good as any other app you might find. If you need to see alerts for Google Calendar events on Windows 10, the default Calendar app is an easy way to get them. Wie kriege ich den Google-Kalender auf den Desktop Hierfür haben Sie unter Windows grundsätzlich vier Möglichkeiten. Man würde es zwar nicht erwarten, aber die Windows-10-eigene Kalender-App kommt ebenfalls mit dem Google-Kalender klar. Öffnen Sie die vorinstallierte Kalender-App. Klicken Sie im unteren linken Bereich aufs Zahnradsymbol für die . Einstellungen. Nun erscheint rechts. The Calendar app is integrated with your Windows 10 taskbar calendar, so you can easily view your upcoming appointments. Just click on the taskbar, where the date and time are shown, and your schedule will appear. Set up reminders using just your voice: Add reminders and events to your Calendar with Cortana*, your personal digital assistant. Just say something like, Hey Cortana. Remind me. Steps to customize Calendar background in Windows 10: Step 1: Open Calendar by searching. Step 2: Click the lower-left Settings icon, and choose Personalization in the menu. Step 3: Turn on Fill entire window, and select a picture from the options. Tip: You can also tap the Browse button to choose a photo from your own pictures. How to Change. How to add Outlook to your desktop in Windows 10 Page 4. Tricia Trombley Most used Mozilla Firefox X ¥ Excel 2013 Clarify Acrobat Reader DC Mail Documents Network File Explorer Settings Power All apps Arch Windows . e A Microsoft Dynamics Microsoft Edge Microsoft Office 2013 Access 2013 Database Compare 2013 Excel 2013 InfoPath Designer 2013 InfoPath Filler 2013 Office 2013 Language Preferenc.

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  1. I am using windows 10 Calendar app and when adding an account i do not get my shared calendars that are linked to the account (office365). I do not want to add another email / calendar account because that does not solve my issues of the shared calendars not showing. When using outlook 2013, 2010 or office365 the shared calendars appears and are accessible, they are also visible when using.
  2. Windows 10 - Kalender Widget gesucht - ngb. ngb. Hard- und Software. Anwendungssoftware. Windows 10 - Kalender Widget gesucht. Willkommen bei ngb.to. Unser Anspruch ist es euch eine freie Community zu bieten, in der IP Adressen nicht geloggt werden und keine nervige Werbung geschaltet wird. Daher sehen wir das ngb als Alternative für alle
  3. My Google Calendar is synced nicely on my windows 10 Home PC, IOS Iphone, and Ipad. I have a work Laptop on Windows 10 and Clicked the Cog Wheel icon on the Windows Calendar App and Added my google account onto it. I Click on People icon to see the syncing Status and it stays like that for Many hours with no events populating the Windows Calendar. How long does syncing take from Scratch? I.
  4. Many users find that using an external keyboard with keyboard shortcuts for Mail for Windows 10 and Calendar for Windows 10 helps them work more efficiently. For users with mobility or vision disabilities, keyboard shortcuts can be easier than using the touchscreen and are an essential alternative to using a mouse. This article itemizes the keyboard shortcuts for Mail for Windows 10 and.
  5. BlueMail is one of desktop email clients (Windows 10) that runs smooth with sufficient features reliably. The only urgent thing that they should improve is that they should've provided option to turn the reading pane on or off ─ instead of set it as a default. See More

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  1. Enhance your Windows desktop with cool Calendar Gadget - Page 4 of 7. Home; How to Install; Select Page: Select Category: People who are tired of their usual desktop calendar can get an upgrade with this simple yet cool looking calendar gadget. Busy people will be able to pinpoint what... View Details . Color Calendars. November 15, 2015 Color Calendars 2015-11-16T08:36:29+00:00 Calendar.
  2. Vor einigen Tagen hatte ich an dieser Stelle berichtet, dass die Familienkalender aus der Windows 10 Kalender App und aus Microsoft Outlook verschwunden sind. Es wurde sehr schnell klar, dass es.
  3. Windows 10 Desktop [gelöst] Windows 10 Die holt man sich aus den CalDav-Links der Kalender und Kontakte aus der Weboberfläche der Owncloud. Es genügt ein Kalenderlink zu einem bestimmten.
  4. Make Windows 10 Calendar App Display Weather. The first thing you need to do is ensure that you have the latest updates for the apps. If you have apps set to update automatically, you should be.
  5. Stelle sicher, dass auf dem PC oder Microsoft Surface die neueste Version von Windows 10 installiert ist.* Halte deine Apple-ID und dein Passwort bereit. Wenn du noch keine Apple-ID hast, kannst du jetzt eine erstellen. * Für Windows 7 und Windows 8 kannst du iCloud für Windows von der Apple-Website herunterladen
  6. In Windows 10, action center is where to find your app notifications, as well as quick actions, which give you quick access to commonly used settings and apps. Change your action center settings at any time from the Settings app. Select the Start button, and then select Settings . Go to System > Notifications & actions. Do any of the following

The new and improved Calendar app in Windows 10 is different from before and is much cleaner, easier to use, here's a hands-on look at the experience Case 1: sync settings between a laptop and a desktop. Windows 10 offers the Sync Settings option to help owners of multiple devices to keep their system preferences in harmony. Follow the steps below to sync settings between PCs in Windows 10: 1. Turn on your laptop/desktop. Go to Start > Settings > Accounts. 2. Click Your account and then Sign in with a Microsoft account instead. Enter your.

The new Windows 10 Calendar app is colorful and greatly improved over earlier versions & looks similar to the Office app. Learn how to use the Calendar App Die Kalender-App von Windows 10 unterstützt auch den Google- und den iCloud-Kalender Klicken Sie auf Konto hinzufügen , schon haben Sie interessante Auswahlmöglichkeiten vor sich Kalender-Apps helfen dabei, Ereignisse im Auge zu behalten und unseren Zeitplan zu verwalten. Von den vielen Desktop-Kalender-UWP-Software, die im Windows Store verfügbar sind, hier sind die Top 5 Kalender-Apps für Windows 10/8/7

Seit Version 1909 von Windows 10, also dem Herbst-Update von 2019, bietet das Microsoft-Betriebssystem eine neue Möglichkeit an, um Termine in den integrierten Kalender einzutragen I want a window, very similar to a weather widget/notes on PC that will display my calendar on the desktop. 1 comment. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. level 1 · 6m. Bumping for interest. Best I found is Michael Scrivo's Outlook for the Desktop tool: https://outlookonthedesktop.com. Windows 10: Widgets starten Um weitere Widgets hinzuzufügen, klickt ihr oben rechts in der Sidebar auf das Plus-Symbol. Es öffnet sich ein neues Fenster, das alle verfügbaren Widgets anzeigt

Windows 10: Desktop anzeigen mit Boardmitteln. Ganz rechts in der Taskleiste neben der Uhr ist eine kleine, fast unsichtbare Schaltfläche. Klicken Sie darauf, werden alle Fenster minimiert und der Desktop angezeigt. Alternativ können Sie die Tastenkombination [Win] + [D] verwenden. Klicken Sie erneut auf die Fläche der Taskleiste oder nutzen. Windows 10: Wetter sehen. Der eingebauten Wetter-App von Microsoft kann Ihren aktuellen wette Bericht auf Desktop anzeigen lassen. Dazu starten Sie die App. Am einfachen geht es, wenn Sie das Wetter auf die Suchleiste eingeben. Auf den angezeigten Ergebnisse, klicken Sie auf Wetter.. Nun starte die Wetter-App und Sie können verschieden Einstellungen vornehmen But before that, lets look at some existing options that help us view the current date on Windows desktops: Option 1: Drag the edge of your taskbar towards north and the date will automatically become visible along with the system time. Option 2: Install calendar gadgets that are available with Google Desktop or the Vista Sidebar. Option 3: Take your mouse pointer to the extreme right-bottom. Desktop iCalendar is a calendar widget for Windows. It stays on your desktop and shows the days of the current month. You can synchronize this application with your Google Calendar, Google Tasks, or Yahoo! Calendar. It also lets you make schedules and share the calendar with your family and friends. This desktop widget reminds you of all your appointments with visual and audio alerts

Display Windows 10 version on desktop. Figure A shows what the bottom right-hand corner of a typical Microsoft Windows 10 desktop looks like--no version information is displayed. This tweak of the. Windows 10 Kalender App mit neuen Funktionen [Update] moinmoin 18. Juli 2020 14:40. Windows 10, Windows Apps. 15 Kommentare. Die Kalender App in der Preview wird von Grund auf neu aufgebaut. Jetzt.

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Installing Desktop Gadgets for Windows 10; Categories. Calendar Gadgets (65) Clock Gadgets (269) Music & TV Gadgets (10) PC & System Gadgets (199) Search Gadgets (16) Tools & Utillities Gadgets (180) Weather Gadgets (45 Desktop. Windows Live Calendar Gadget. Kategorien; Blog; Themenspecials; Aktueller Deal Windows Live Calendar Gadget Windows 10. bis zu 84%. CCleaner. bis zu 31%. Microsoft Office. bis zu 72%. Microsoft Windows 10 comes with new versions of the free Mail and Calendar apps. While the apps don't include all of the features of Outlook, they do their jobs, and they do it well.This is. Microsoft has rolled out updates for a couple of its apps on Windows 10. The updates are merely cosmetic and change the icons of the Mail and the Calendar App. The apps should be updated automatically, but if they have not, you can manually update them from the Windows Store Beta. Even if the apps have been updated, chances are you will only.

# Desktop.Calendar.Tray.OK Versionsübersicht (History) Neu in der Version 2.92 // 17 Mai 2021 Kleine Korrekturen und Anpassungen für das neue MS Windows 10-Update Aktualisierung der Sprachdateien im Desktop Kalender für alle MS Windows OS Neu in der Version 2.88 // 6 März 2021 Aktualisieren wegen falsche Virenmeldung auf MS Windows 10 O Windows 10 tip: See all your calendars at a glance in agenda view. Just like earlier versions, Windows 10 displays the date and time at the right side of the taskbar. But Windows 10 adds a new. Disable Desktop Save Location. In order to prevent apps from saving files to your desktop, you can use a Windows 10 feature called Controlled Access. This feature was added in April 2018 in build 1803. Make sure you're running this version before you try to use it Kalender Apps: Die 10 besten Kalender im Test (2021) Zeitplanung ist unabdingbar. Mindestens einen Kalender benötigt man daher auf jeden Fall. Digital sollte er sein, damit man als Webworker oder Digitalnomade die Organisation der eigenen endlichen Zeit ortsunabhängig und auf verschiedenen Geräten abwickeln kann Desktop Is Missing On Windows 10. How To Easily Fix It? In computing, a desktop (or a desktop environment) is an implementation of the desktop metaphor, a system unit made of a bundle of programs running above a computer operating system, which share a common GUI (Graphical User Interface), sometimes described as a graphical shell

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In order to synchronize iCloud with Windows 10 calendar which is fairly easy to do, mostly it's a two-step process. You just need to manage the settings and add the iCloud account will go into further detail, just read on. Once you have synced your iCloud with Windows 10 calendar, now you have access to create appointments, events and more in either Windows or iOS/MAC OS. And so, these will. Ab Windows 10, Version 1903 ist es nicht mehr möglich, den Posteo-Kalender in der Windows 10 Standard-App einzurichten. Eine Anleitung für ältere Versionen finden Sie weiter unten. Mit u.a. folgenden Windows-Programmen können Sie Ihren Posteo-Kalender synchronisieren: Thunderbird; Outlook; eM Client; So richten Sie das Posteo-Adressbuch in Windows 10 ein. Die Windows 10 Standard-App. Windows 10 Kalender-App lässt sich nicht mit iCloud-Kalender verbinden Die Lösung Geht man auf die Suche nach einer Lösung, finden sich einige Treffer. Im Forum findet sich ein entsprechender Thread mit einer Lösung. Und auch der Benutzer bei Facebook scheint auf diese Lösung gestoßen zu sein. Er schreibt: Problem ist die 2 Faktor Autorisierung. Hat man die in der Apple ID Konfiguration.

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